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Crime Scene Operations

June 3 @ 8:00 AM - June 7 @ 5:00 PM

Class sponsored by: LEIC

This course is designed to teach crime scene investigation techniques. This hands-on training program offers both sworn and non-sworn crime scene investigators and technicians access to forensic evidence identification, documentation, collection, and preservation procedures. During this 40-hour block of instruction, participants receive hands-on training in the areas of DNA evidence, fingerprinting, field presumptive testing, photography, evidence collection and packaging, fundamentals of shooting scene, documentation, crime scene sketching, and more. This introductory level course blends facilitated learning and lecture periods with mock crime scenes and provides a safe and effective training environment for crime scene personnel.   **Participants must be employed by a law enforcement or forensic organization.**  **This course is funded by the OCJP Violent Crime Intervention Fund and is available at no cost to Tennessee law enforcement agencies. Due to this being a Tennessee grant funded course, participants from out-of-state are not eligible to register.”
Cost: $0.

Contact: Ross, Donovan

Germantown City Hall

Get more information and sign up for the class here.