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Reference List

What is a Veteran? The Legal Definition

Invisible Wounds of War: Psychological and Cognitive Injuries, Their Consequences, and Services to Assist Recovery

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Relationship of Military Deployment Recency, Frequency, Duration, and Combat Exposure to Alcohol Use in the Air Force

Posttraumatic Stress in U.S. Marines: The Role of Unit Cohesion and Combat Exposure

Effect of Dwell Time on the Mental Health of US Military Personnel With Multiple Combat Tours | AJPH | Vol. 102 Issue S1

Enhancing services response to crisis incidents involving veterans: A role for law enforcement and mental health collaboration.

Videos – PTSD

Effects of repeated deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan on the health of New Jersey Army National Guard troops: implications for military readiness.

The Changing Landscape for Veterans’ Mental Health Care

PTSD Facts and Resources

Understanding PTSD and its Effects on Marriage

How Does PTSD Affect Employability?


VA Suicide Prevention Program Fact Sheet

The Stigma Felt by Soldiers with Combat-PTSD

De-Escalation | Meaning of De-Escalation

A Practical Overview of De-Escalation Skills in Law Enforcement: Helping Individuals in Crisis While Reducing Police Liability and Injury

The Behavioral Influence Stairway Model (BISM): a framework for managing terrorist crisis situations?

Crisis Intervention: Using Active Listening Skills in Negotiations By Gary W. Noesner, M. Ed. and Mike Webster, Ed. D. (podcast)

Crisis (hostage) negotiation: current strategies and issues in high-risk conflict resolution

Crisis Negotiations: Managing Critical Incidents and Hostage Situations in Law Enforcement and Corrections. by Michael J. McMains and Wayman C. Mullins