Leadership Certificate


Develop into a recognized leader who is professional, innovative, and highly skilled to meet evolving community needs.

LEIC’s leadership certificate focuses on education and self-development in order to achieve peak efficiency in leading your agency. Earning this certificate will help develop your interpersonal skills to effectively lead a team in a public safety environment. These tiered courses developed by the University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Innovation Center will provide you with skills to make clear, decisive decisions and communicate those decisions to your organization.

Professionals who successfully complete all the courses in this program will receive an Certificate of Organizational Leadership  for Emergency Response Professionals from the University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Innovation Center.

Topics Include:

Building high-performing teams
Interpersonal communication skills
Managing team performance
Time management
Addressing workplace behavior issues
Leading a unit, department, or agency

How the Program Works:

Complete the following courses:

First Line Leadership (24 hours)
Advanced Leadership (24 hours)
Southeastern Leadership Academy (200 hours)

Total: 248 hours Cost: $50.00

Who Should Enroll:

Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, Corrections

Based on standardized learning objectives set by the University of Tennessee, substitutions from other programs are not accepted.

Scan and email your course certificates to: jeff.lindsey@tennessee.edu
Receive a Certificate of Organizational Leadership for Emergency Response Professionals