Mastering the Fundamentals of Crime Scene Photography

Mastering the Fundamentals of Crime Scene Photography

This course aims to provide a moreĀ advanced instruction of digital photography to law enforcement personnel responsible for photographic documentation of crime scenes.

Topics include:

  • Review of basic concepts
  • Managing light/lighting techniques
  • Critical comparisons/examination
  • Quality images
  • Bloodstain and shooting scene reconstruction photography
  • Considerations with arson/fire photography

Pre-requisite and Requirements:

  • MUST have attended a Basic Photography Course
  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera with 12+ megapixels, normal perspective lens (50mm full-frame or 35mm crop sensor), and extra lenses.
  • External flash with manual power adjustment and off-camera capability
  • Tripod with invertible center column (no video pan/tilt head).
  • Remote shutter cable or wireless hands-free camera operation.
  • Measuring scales, markers, etc.
  • Laptop with image processing software.

For more information on this course, contact Donnie Ross at or (865) 946-3204