Law Enforcement Innovation Center


The Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC) specializes in providing innovative leadership and cutting edge criminal investigative training to law enforcement communities.

The UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC) is an agency of the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service. LEIC expands capabilities of law enforcement personnel by providing training that improves the quality of policing. Using the nation’s best instructors and consultants, LEIC develops curricula for courses that can be delivered nationwide. Formed in 1997, LEIC is a leading training and technical assistance provider for the law enforcement community across the nation. Over the past 15 years, more than 30,000 law enforcement officers, other criminal justice practitioners, public safety workers, public school personnel, and community members have completed LEIC’s training and educational programs.

The LEIC mission is to provide innovative and technology-based training and technical assistance (services) to law enforcement agencies and communities, meeting their ever-changing needs as we move into the future.

LEIC provides online and classroom training for all areas of law enforcement and criminal investigation. Classes can be customized to provide the level of training necessary for your law enforcement team.


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