Assessment Services

Another aspect of LEIC capabilities is in security, threat, and vulnerability assessments as well as active shooter preparedness and emergency planning. Each of these are critical to the safety and security of businesses, educational institutions, and in the workplace. Additional information is provided below on each of our assessment services.

Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Preparedness

In-line with emergency management planning, every agency should have a plan to effectively mitigate risks associated with an active shooter or aggressive individual event. We can discuss best practices for your organization to increase everyone’s chances of survival, if this unfortunate event should occur. This presentation is typically 2 hrs. in length and can be done on-site, at a conference, or here at LEIC.

Curriculum Development

Our curriculum development specialist can provide proven training methods and documentation solutions. Much of our curriculum is based on hands-on, practical exercises in order to give participants the knowledge of how to respond to “real-world” situations. We can develop a wide range of materials from supporting face-to-face training delivery to developing and deploying interactive courses online or instructor material. Our curriculum development capabilities include: Needs Analysis and Assessment, evaluation strategies, instructional design workshops, and instructor assessment.

Emergency Management Planning

Every organization should have a plan in the event of an emergency. Many have policies for natural disasters, but active shooter, workplace violence and/or WMD events are typically overlooked. We can help you develop a plan for any emergency, to better increase your employees’ safety and survivability.

Security, Threat, & Vulnerability Assessments

An evaluation of your facility’s security and areas of vulnerability. Identifying potential weaknesses within a structure or office that could be compromised in the event of an emergency of any kind. This includes active shooters, WMD, workplace violence, trespassing and other incidents. These assessments typically last 1-4 hours, depending on the size of the facility.

Promotional Assessments

LEIC is committed to helping law enforcement agencies succeed in a rapidly evolving era. Hiring and promoting the right individuals to lead your agency is paramount. The staff at LEIC is experienced in working alongside leaders from jurisdictions across the country and the world. We can help you evaluate and select the best candidate for the job.

For additional information please contact: Jeff Lindsey at or by phone 865-946-3218