National Forensic Academy


      The National Forensic Academy (NFA) is an intensive 10-week training program, designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies in evidence identification, collection, and preservation. The NFA is offered in-residence, utilizing curriculum developed by leading forensic practitioners from across the United States. Participants will be challenged in the various disciplines through classroom instruction, lab activities, and field practicums in the specialized courses. Academy participants will complete written and in-class competency exams to demonstrate mastery of the subject areas. The goal of the Academy is to prepare the crime scene investigator to recognize key elements and to improve the process of evidence recovery and submission.


There are 400 hours of training per session; 170 hours of in-class work; and 230 hours of field practicum. During the course of the 10 weeks, students will be responsible for several educational objectives including, quizzes, tests, case files, research papers, and various other hands-on experiences. At the end of the course, students can expect to complete a written post test as well as a comprehensive, practical final.


  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

  • Bombs, Booby Traps and Threats at the Scene

  • Crime Scene Management

  • Computer Sketching and Mapping, and Total Station

  • Courtroom Testimony

  • Criminal Investigative Analysis

  • DNA

  • Firearms and Toolmark Identification

  • Footwear and Tire Impressions

  • Forensic Fire Investigation

  • Latent Fingerprint Processing

  • Photography (Digital and Videotaping)

  • Post-blast Investigation

  • Postmortem Fingerprinting

  • Serial Number Restoration

  • Shooting Incident Reconstruction

  • Trace Evidence

  • Death Investigation

    • Autopsy

    • Bone Trauma

    • Burned Bone

    • Child Fatality

    • Manners of Death

    • Time Since Death

    • Wound Pattern Interpretation

  • Forensic Anthropology

    • Bone Scatter Search

    • Forensic Entomology

    • Forensic Odontology

    • Forensic Osteology

    • Human Remains Recovery

Session Dates

2017 & 2018 - FULL

2019 - Now accepting applications

Contact Melanie Wolfenbarger for more information at 865-946-3235 or

College credit is available for Academy graduates that apply and meet the criteria. Undergraduate or graduate credit can be obtained for a fee through the University of Tennessee at Martin.


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