IPS Establishes Public Service Legacy Society

Early in 2010, the Institute for Public Service established the Public Service Legacy Society to recognize individuals who have dedicated much of their life to public service and want to ensure that when they are gone their resources will continue to benefit others in a way that reflects their life’s work.  Members make a provision in their estate plans for the Institute for Public Service or one of its agencies in a variety of ways that works with them and their personal situation. Visit the Legacy Society page to find out more.

Additional Funds to the Law Enforcement Innovation Center

Your financial support enables the Institute for Public Service (IPS) to provide extra opportunities unique to the UT public service mission. Listed below are some of the key funds supported by alumni, friends and staff of the Law Enforcement Innovation Center.

Phil Keith Law Enforcement Innovation Endowment (LEIC)

This endowment, named for retired Knoxville Police Chief Phil Keith, supports relevant, innovative and demanding programs that are required by law enforcement professionals. 

Patricia Cornwell NFA Enrichment Fund (LEIC)

The Patricia Cornwell NFA Enrichment Fund is used to enhance programming for the National Forensic AcademyTM to improve the quality of instruction and maintain a reasonable tuition so that law enforcement officers from small and rural areas have access.

Katherine Tosh National Forensic Academy Collegiate Scholarship Fund (LEIC)

Created by a student who was inspired to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, this fund creates partial scholarships for students who are enrolled in the NFA Collegiate course presented by the Law Enforcement Innovation Center. 


Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team here at the Law Enforcement Innovation Center, please follow the link below and search 'LEIC' or 'Law Enforcement Innovation Center'



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