SECLA Success Stories

“The SECLA program provided the skills and knowledge that allowed me to advance in rank and be a more effective leader and manager. It also provided me the tools to be more effective in working with various neighborhoods and task forces in my community." -  Captain Vivian Hixson, Chattanooga Police Department

 “The biggest advantage was the week away from home and work allowed me to concentrate on my studies as well as networking with the fellow officers from a variety of organizations around the country.” - Lieutenant Michael Jordan, Sr., Franklin Police Department

“The SECLA experience provided me with the necessary background and portfolio needed to receive a promotion to Lieutenant. I was later transferred to Director of Training for our agency. The knowledge I gained in the SECLA program in the areas of employment law, budgeting, human resource development, and leadership has been a great foundation in my new position.” - Lieutenant Jeff Stiles, Knoxville Police Department

“The SECLA leadership courses specifically helped me as a patrol sergeant. They helped me so much that after graduation from SECLA, the sheriff asked me to supervise the night shift. Without the SECLA program, I would not have been able to take minimal production and change it to maximum production and make the night shift the strongest in the department. It was a direct result of what I learned at SECLA." - Sergeant Michael R. Hodges, Sevier County Sheriff’s Office

“I am the accreditation manager for my department, and we received the Meritorious Award from the CALEA Commission and became re-accredited for the fourth time. SECLA gave me the foundation for writing policies and procedures.” - Captain Jeff Hughes, Brentwood Police Department

“Immediately after SECLA graduation, I was temporarily made finance officer for the department, a job requiring me to present the police department budget to city management and commissioners. Since I was exposed to budgeting in SECLA, I felt more confident presenting my first ever police budget that successfully passed with all major requested expenditures, plus two new full-time employees.” - Captain James Hardeman, Collegedale Police Department

“After graduation, I was assigned as the West District Commander and in the same year, I was promoted to Captain and Division Commander reporting directly to the Chief of Police.” - Captain Cynthia Gass, Knoxville Police Department



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