Leadership and Supervision

Our tiered approach to leadership development offers a comprehensive training program to emerging law enforcement leaders.

First Line Supervision - 2 Day Course

This two day course will help prepare first line supervisors for the transition from team member to team leader. 

  • Identify the eight roles of effective leadership
  • Develop communication skills and motivation techniques to ensure team effectiveness
  • Identify strategies to coach problem employees for improved work performance
  • Discuss legal issues
  • Develop a project management mindset

Advanced Leadership - 3 Day Course

This three day course will help the mid-level leader gain a better understanding of his/her leadership style. 

  • Learn the planning and decision making skills necessary to lead organizational change and transformation
  • Identify ways to to avoid destructive group think by using effective conflict resolution techniques
  •  Utilize strategies to a positive work environment to help with officers’ emotional survival
  • Analyze the dynamics involved in leading a work environment that contains four generations

Command Level Leadership - 3 Day Course

This three day course is geared toward senior supervisory personnel.

  • Craft a mission and vision for organizational effectiveness
  • Emphasize ethical leadership by example
  • Utilize budgeting techniques 
  • Create a culture of accountability

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**This class is currently full for 2017.  The 2018 class will be posted soon.

Additional Information

For more information about our leadership courses, contact Chris Jones at chris.jones@tennessee.edu

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team here at the Law Enforcement Innovation Center, please follow the link below and search 'LEIC' or 'Law Enforcement Innovation Center'



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