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PLEASE NOTE:  Our IVR System is currently down.  We apologize for any inconvienence.  (7/13/2017)

National Forensic Academy Investigator-Virtual Reality (I-VR)

Registration is now open.

* TN POST certfied for 20 hours*

The National Forensic Academy’s Investigator Virtual Reality (I-VR) is an interactive online training tool designed to provide crime scene investigation training to State and local forensic practitioners developed through grant funding through National Institute of Justice.

The participant works with a virtual instructor to learn how to use the virtual tools, the process, and the skills that are essential to crime scene management and evidence detection. Once the participant completes the virtual lessons, they can use the techniques presented to take on the role of a virtual crime scene investigator – collecting evidence and documenting a virtual crime scene.

This class is a great refresher for the seasoned CSI or for new investigators on the job.

Topics covered include:

  • Crime Scene Management
  • Photography
  • Latent Print Processing
  • DNA Collection

Step 1: Register for the NFA Investigator Virtual Reality course
(Create an account or login with an existing account and register online.)

NOTE: The price for this course is $150.00

Step 2: Login to the online learning system
(If you do not start the course immediately after registering, you may use this link to access it at a later time.)

For assistance with or questions about this course, please send an email to with the subject "I-VR assistance".

IVR Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

Computer System Requirements:

  • Windows-based operating system
  • 3.0 MHz CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 5 GB free hard drive space
  • 3D hardware accelerated card (NVIDIA/ATI chipset) w/ 128 MB of memory
  • standard audio

Employment Opportunities

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