Training Catalog


2018 LEIC Training Catalog

It’s a pleasure to deliver the LEIC 2018 Training Catalog to you. As you read this 2018 LEIC Training Catalog, you will see that we’ve listened to you and others about your training needs. We’ve described what training is available and when, where and how it will be delivered- all the information you need to plan an effective training scheduled for yourself and your officers.

If you should have any questions or need additional training assistance throughout the upcoming year, don’t hesitate to contact the LEIC training team. We’re here to meet your training needs.

The work you and your team do every day in your agencies improves the lives of the citizens in the state of Tennessee. Our aim is to equip you with the best practices, tools, and technologies to better serve your community. LEIC is ready to support your agency in doing what you do every day to make your community great.

Thank you for all you do.

Don Green,
Law Enforcement Innovation Center Executive Director