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Forensic Photography

March 26 @ 8:30 AM - March 29 @ 4:30 PM

Class sponsored by: LEIC

This is a 32 hour class specifically designed for learning to better photograph evidence at the scene or in a laboratory setting.
This course will teach you how to properly photograph a crime scene, bodily injuries, low-light photography, micro/macro (close-up) photography using copy stands and tripods, flash photography, photographing chemiluminescence in response to bloodstain documentation, how to photograph bloodstain evidence properly for a BPA examiner, photography of a shooting scene and photography of impression evidence.
Participants will also be taught how to properly photograph latent prints, patent prints on reflective surfaces, and prints enhanced with dye stains under ALS.
We will also cover photography using UV/IR light for gunshot residue and bloodstain evidence on dark clothing.
This class is best suited for police officers, crime scene investigators, detectives, medical examiner/coroner investigators, forensic nurses, arson investigators and forensic lab techs. A basic working knowledge of your camera is desired but not necessary as we will teach fundamentals of the camera.
A large portion of this class will be practical hands-on application.
Required Equipment: DSLR camera, macro/micro lens (Nikon micro lens available by LEIC upon request), tripod (boom arm preferred), shutter release cable, flash cord and external flash. NOTE:
LEIC has Nikon and Fuji Film cameras and equipment available if needed.
You must notify tim.schade@tennessee.edu if a camera or any additional equipment will be needed prior to the class.
Cost: $299.00

Contact: Schade, Timothy


Get more information and sign up for the class here.