Collegiate Program

Collegiate Program

The UT National Forensic Academy has partnered with the University of Tennessee at Martin & University of Tennessee Chattanooga to offer an in-residence, three-week National Forensic Academy Collegiate Program for criminal justice undergraduate/graduate students. The goals of the program are:

  • Prepare students for a career in the criminal justice field
  • Increase knowledge of forensic science
  • Provide hands-on experience through practical exercises and real-life crime scene scenarios
  • Exposure and instruction from nationally recognized subject matter experts
  • To mirror the award winning 10-week in-residence National Forensic Academy that is only offered to law enforcement personnel



  • Crime Scene Management
  • Digital Photography
  • Latent Fingerprint Processing
  • DNA for the Crime Scene Investigator
  • Crime Scene Mapping
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Shooting Incident Reconstruction
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis



In summer 2008, the NFA opened its new facility within the UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center in Oak Ridge. The facility was designed to provide the most complete and comprehensive learning environment for students. It includes a Smart Classroom, Multi-Station Laboratory, Photography Room and Experiment Room. Students also will gain knowledge and experience from various offsite training locations to include the University of Tennessee's outdoor 'boneyard'.



Participants will receive nine hours of undergraduate credit for completion of the program. The total cost to attend the NFA Collegiate Program is $4,600 which includes tuition, curriculum, housing in fully furnished apartments,training materials and equipment usage. Students are responsible for their own transportation to the apartments and training sites, meals and uniforms/dress code.


  • Criminal Justice Majors
  • Or as approved by Instructor of Record

To register for this program, contact:

Dr. Brian Donavant
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice Program
NFA Collegiate Program Instructor of Record
University of Tennessee, Martin
Department of Behavioral Sciences
119 Sociology Building
Martin, Tennessee 38238
Phone: (731) 881-3510

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team here at the Law Enforcement Innovation Center, please follow the link below and search 'LEIC' or 'Law Enforcement Innovation Center'



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