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About The Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC)

The Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC) is an agency of the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service at the Univeristy of Tennessee. Formed in 1997, LEIC is a leading training and technical assistance provider for the law enforcement community across the nation. Since 2001, more than 30,000 law enforcement officers, other criminal justice practitioners, public safety workers, public school personnel, and community members have completed our training and educational programs. The Law Enforcement Innovation Center’s target audiences have grown from traditional law enforcement professionals to include other public safety personnel in diverse areas of the criminal justice system, including cybercrime, corrections, safe schools, substance abuse, safe neighborhoods, cold cases, and missing persons, as well as community policing and practices. The center’s project design and delivery strategies are based on extensive project management expertise with local, state, and federal training and technical assistance projects.

LEIC is home to the National Forensic Academy which held its first session in September of 2001 and continues to run strong with 3 ten-week academies running per year along with a 3 week Collegiate Academy for a total of 33 weeks of training.  


Another noteable program offered by LEIC is the Southeastern Leadership Academy (SELA).  SELA is a highly successful 5-week leadership academy with interactive instruction for top law enforcement personnel nationwide.  


Our Mission

Providing innovative, current and applicable training and assistance to law enforcement professionals and the communities they serve.

Our Vision

To be the premier training and development organization for law enforcement professionals.  

Our Facilities

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